Schedule Automatic foursquare Check-ins

How it works

It's a simple concept. You check-in with foursquare at the same place every day. Maybe work, maybe school, maybe your favorite quilting club. But sometimes you forget to check-in! No more. Schedule your foursquare check-ins with us and we will automatically check you in each day!


  1. Login via foursquare
  2. Choose a venue from your check-in history
  3. Select the days/time for us to schedule your check-ins
  4. Sit back and let the auto check-ins begin!

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  • Jürgen S. - That's 27 days in a row at Rewe Center... You're on a roll! +3 42 seconds ago
  • Wirna - You look nice today! +1 45 seconds ago
  • Raymond Z. - Happy Thursday! +1 1 minute ago
  • Juju J. - You look nice today! +1 2 minutes ago
  • Jürgen S. - That's 27 days in a row at McDonald's... You're on a roll! +3 2 minutes ago
  • Courtney R. - You look nice today! +1 3 minutes ago
  • Ciro B. - You've traveled 626 miles since your last check-in! +3 4 minutes ago
  • Kayran D. - You look nice today! +1 4 minutes ago
  • Elijah S. - Happy Thursday! +1 4 minutes ago
  • Justin S. - Hope you're having a great day! +1 4 minutes ago

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